Christmas on the mall

  There’s a child toddling in front of me. She’s bobbing along to the Christmas carols, though they’re barely audible over the hubbub of the bustling city shopping mall. The shoppers brushing past her with loaded arms and drawn faces can’t hear them, but she can. Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? A young businessman…


Surviving tourist hotspots as an introvert

Our best day in London wasn’t the day we waited in line outside the Tower of London, or strolled across London Bridge. It wasn’t the day we swung on and off red buses, marking landmarks off an increasingly creased map, or counted the chimes of Big Ben. It was the day we got unreservedly lost…

A new kind of beauty

Beauty is the freckles that mark a lifetime of summers. It’s the laugh lines that are starting to appear around your eyes. It’s that feeling you get when a pair of jeans just fit. It’s a dab of cream to cover a pimple, because who has time for that? It’s a new hair colour, because hey, compliments feel good.