A new kind of beauty

A new kind of beauty

Our world is obsessed with beauty. We know that. We get it.

And so we start to rebel against it. We’re told to discount beauty. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

And yet – can’t there be room for both? Because of course it’s both.

Because beauty is the freckles that mark a lifetime of summers. It’s the laugh lines that are starting to appear around your eyes.

It’s that feeling you get when a pair of jeans just fit. It’s a dab of cream to cover a pimple, because who has time for that? It’s a new hair colour, because hey, compliments feel good.

Beauty is running every day, and watching your body get stronger. It’s the blisters on the feet that have done you proud. It’s marvelling at how far your legs have carried you and how far you’ve still to go.

It’s knowing that no one has your birth mark, or eyes that are the same shade of blue.

Beauty is the pregnancy scars, or the surgery scars, or the internal scars; whatever it is that marks you as the fighter you are.

It’s putting on red lipstick on a day you need to be brave.

It’s that piercing you still wear from a moment of teenage rebellion. Or the tattoo that will always remind you of a person, a place, a time.

It’s your wedding ring tan.

It’s when a friend tells you that no one has your laugh.

What’s on the inside counts. But it shows on the outside too. The years write a story on our skin. So, treasure that story, dress it up a little, and help the next chapter along.


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